Friday, 2 August 2013

XL Roofing Edmonton asks for no roof roof money down to start the job

More and more roofing contractors are asking for a down payment before starting their roofing work. The deposit amount can be anywhere from 10 to 50 percentage of the total roofing cost.

XL Roofing in Edmonton does not require start-up money!

When hiring a roofing contractor for any types of roofing job then they should be a roofing company that has been around long enough and solvent enough to have good credit standing with the suppliers.

XL Roofing is successful and financially stable enough that we don’t depend on money up front for new roof work to be done. I have enough cash (and credit) available to buy supplies and pay my employees to get started.

Paying deposits and paying chunks of money in advance as the how to roof contractor goes along means you are giving up a lot of leverage if problems develop.

At least this way if the contractor walks off the job, goes under etc. then you are the rightful owner of all new roof materials on site.

We make sure no how to roof problems occur, and if one should happen (let’s be realistic it could) then we will immediately take corrective action!

We want your roof roofing job to be as comfortable as possible for you. The last thing you need to worry about is someone running away with you money.

XL Roofing Edmonton completes many large a roofing jobs and stealing one customer’s money is simply ridiculous, not to mention that it will totally destroy my company’s reputation.  I have spent many years building a strong company and the last thing on my mind is to throw it all away being unethical . . . never!

I ensure complete customer new roof satisfaction.

Chris Fraser founder and owner of XL Roofing Edmonton

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