Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Liability Insurance for Edmonton Roofing Companies

At XL Roofing, roofing contractor Edmonton Alberta, we are experiencing one of the busiest seasons to date. Of all the jobs that have been awarded to our company since January, only two or three customers have asked us for proof of liability insurance, specifically the open flame insurance for running our roofing Torches.

This low attention to proof of liability insurance is unacceptable, as serious incidents can and do happen. When I hear of a fire on the news, I pay attention to see if renovations of some kind are taking place. I couldn't tell you the exact percentage of contractors uninsured; my point is the customer, you, needs to make sure the Edmonton roofing contractor hired has proper insurance.

A Residential, Commercial or Industrial Roofing Contractors in Edmonton that specialize in SBS (torch on), tar and gravel roofing pay an astronomical amount in insurance premiums. It is a night and day difference compared to a shingle company’s insurance premiums. You as a home or building owner must do your due diligence to protect your assets. Fly by night roofing contractors exist, only because customers allow them to continue under insured.

If all customers simply ask for the contractor’s Insurance company information (and also ask for registration with WCB - workers compensation board), then they've made an effort to stop these ‘bad’ contractors.  Call the adjuster and he/she will send a fax/email giving proof of liability and a policy number . . . it's that simple. I am more than happy to give my customers this Information.  

Here's a little tid-bit of info as well; there are some shingle companies out there that hire subcontractors to do the flat membranes (nothing wrong with this)  BUT! . . . the shingle companies don’t carry the right insurance.  Both the prime contractor and the subcontractor must carry separate policies (in particular "open flame"). These are the rules.

These are questions you must ask. Also pay attention to how much liability the Roofing contractor is carrying. For example our liability contract states a minimum  of $5,000,000.  If we to do a very large building, then as the Prime contractor we have to purchase a Ryder policy to cover an additional $5,000,000 for the duration of the particular job.

I could go on and on, but I'll stop there. Just take your time when hiring a roofing contractor; it's your home, your building, and your investments. You've worked hard for all that you have.

Have a good 2014 Summer. 

Chris Fraser, founder and owner of XL Roofing Edmonton Alberta